Deepavali 2017 | Deepavali 2017 Puja Time Table in India, Bangladesh

Deepavali 2017: First of all First of All Let Me Wish You Happy Deepavali 2017. Deepavali Puja is also knows as Diwali . And Diwali 2017 is knocking in the door. I hope you will be looking for Deepavali 2017 Dates . For the Deepavali Puja Calendar 2017. In this year 2017 Deepavali will be celebrate on the month of 16th October like from every year. Because dewali is the biggest festival for Hindus people celebrate on every year in the autumn season. It is official holiday and mostly celebrates on India and Bangladesh. Outside Bangladesh and India Deepavali celebrate on Fiji, Guyna. Malaysia, Myanmar. Nepal, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Tobago. In this article help you to know more information about the Deepavali Puja 2017.

Deepavali 2017: Origin and Significance of Deepavali

In the Hindu religion has many Historical festivals. The Deepavali puja is the one of these. It’s origin in the Era of Lord Rama. Or probably even before that at the time of churning of “Milky Ocean” when Goddes Ma Lakhmi came out as the boon to the Gods and whole humanity. So Deepavali/ Deepavali is the most important festival of the Hindus religion people. Not only Hindus religion people Deepavali celebrate on Sikhs, Jains and Newar Buddhists religion. Every year Deepavali celebrates on the month of September or October. See the Deepavali 2017 Dates below

Deepavali 2017

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Deepavali 2017 Dates- Full Time Table

Deepavali is now knocking in the door! I hope Hindus religion people are waiting for the Deepavali 2017 Date/Time Table. If you want to know about this so our website helps you. Here we have described full details about Deepavali Date and Time Table. In this year Deepavali will start on 16th October 2017 from the Dwadashi. Because Dwadashi is the first Puja of Deepavali. It is also called Govasta Dwadashi and Vasu Baras. Then “Trayodashi” on 17th October 2017. After next day “Chaturdashi” on 18th October 2017. See details information below

Deepavali 2017, Deepavali 2017 Calendar


Deepavali 2017 In India:This is the Dates of Deepavali 2017.

Deepavali is the biggest festival in India. Because India is a very big country. Maximum Hindu riligion people lives in India. This reason Deepavali will be celebrate in India as a biggest festival. But Deepavali date and time is very important for Indian people. Not only Indian, it is very necessary for Hinduism people. In this year Deepavali will start on 16th October 2017 from the Dwadashi. This puja will continue 5 Days.

Deepavali 2017 In Bangladesh:

Bangladesh lives too much Hindus religion people. Bangladeshi people celebrate the Deepavali puja like Indian people. In this year Deepavali 2017 will be celebrate as like India. Puja will start on Dwadashi. Because Dwadashi is the first puja of Deepavali. Dwadashi will be start on 16th October 2017. This year Deepavali puja 2017 will be ends on after Dwitiya, date is 21st October 2017.

In Conclusion:

This is conclusion of this article. We hope you are successfully understood and gain our article about Deepavali 2017DatesTime Table. And we hope it will be helps these people who celebrate the Deepavali. Try to share this with your friend circle. If you have any question, suggestion about this article, so please contact us.